Dealership vs. Independent Repair Shop

If you’re a diligent car owner, it’s likely that you’ve come across deciding whether to go to a dealer or a private repair shop, specifically like a Japanese auto service in Roswell. Both have advantages to offer, but, ultimately, you’ll have to choose based on your car needs. Here are a few of the benefits and drawbacks of both dealer and independent repair shops.


Some of the advantages of going to a dealership for routine maintenance or repairs are their connection with manufacturers. They can easily find the parts that you might need, and you can be sure that the technicians are trained and certified to fix your car using factory SOPs. Additionally, you can directly complain to the manufacturer if you were not happy with the repair or maintenance service.

Another advantage is that you’ll get to keep the warranty. Also, dealers will honor that warranty and fix your car for free or for a little fee. So, if you plan to bring your car to a dealer, don’t attempt to fix your car on your own to prevent voiding the warranty.

One disadvantage is the cost of service if your vehicle is out of warranty. With a dealer, you’re paying people for their manufacturer-authorized approach to fixing things. Also, you may have to deal with a different technician every time. Remember this if you’re planning to go to a dealer for repairs or maintenance. Get the contact details of your preferred specialists so you can request their services the next time.

Independent Auto Shops

The advantages of bringing your car to an independent shop are the affordability and the possibility of personal collaboration with the mechanics. You can’t do the same if you take your vehicle in for repair to a dealer.

Another advantage of a Japanese auto service in Roswell, is the unassuming set-up. It’s likely that the same technician will attend to your needs repeatedly because of the limited number of staff. This ups the personal touch and, since the atmosphere is informal, you can watch while they work and ask questions to help you understand your car’s issues better.

The disadvantage is a loss of warranty, and sometimes, you’ll find mechanic that uses an ‘anything goes’ attitude when it comes to fixing a car.