Signs That Your Car Needs an Auto Mechanic

Your car gets you to work every day, takes you on vacations, helps you run errands, protects you in the event of a car crash, and gives you a little extra storage space. Why not take care of your vehicle the way it takes care of you? Take your vehicle to an auto mechanic in Roswell at the first sign of problems. 

Of course, this requires that you know when a problem arises. Cars are complex machines. What defines a problem with your car versus typical operation? Sometimes your fan belt might squeak once or twice. Maybe your brakes sound strained in cold weather. These things are normal. Here are some problems that are definitely not normal:

  • If your battery looks damaged, corroded, or leaky, replace it as soon as possible.
  • If the battery icon on your dashboard does not light up when you start your vehicle, or if it lights up but never goes away, your battery or charging system needs to be evaluated.
  • Check the dipstick for thick, chunky oil or metallic bits. These are signs that the oil needs to be replaced in order to protect your engine parts.
  • Adding oil will usually remove the oil can icon from your dashboard. If it does not, then something else may be wrong.
  • If your car leaks while it is parked, then oil, coolant, or other vital fluids may be draining from their tanks. Without these fluids, your engine can deteriorate or even overheat.
  • Wobbly, uneven tires will need to be realigned, refilled, or rotated at an auto shop in Roswell.
  • If the engine light appears on your dashboard, then some routine or urgent services need to be performed at a Lexus repair and service center.
  • Do not be alarmed if you see an exclamation mark on your dashboard. This typically means that you need more brake fluid.
  • However, if the ABS icon lights up, then your anti-lock brakes have malfunctioned. Have these important systems checked immediately to ensure safe driving.
  • Slow startup is a sign of battery problems as well. Listen for a delay or chugging sounds before the engine turns.
  • Prolonged screeching sounds when you drive mean that either your fan belt is damaged and needs to be replaced or that your brake pads may be worn and need replacing. Take your vehicle to car maintenance in Roswell as soon as you can to make the noise stop.
  • Hissing is a bad sign. Leaky coolant or an overheating engine may soon follow.
  • Foul odors are also bad signs. Smoke from underneath your hood is a sure sign of an engine that is overheating.
  • Blue, white, or black smoke may startle you. Unusual smoke is a sign of a serious problem.

If you notice these or any other unusual problems with your vehicle, take it to an auto mechanic in Roswell as soon as you can. The sooner you care for these problems, the better.