Common Car Problems During Winter

Winter carWhen the winter weather strikes, too often people are unprepared. At Ozzis Automotive in Roswell, GA, we know that there are specific problems that your vehicle may face when the days grow shorter. Here are some things to think about for you and your vehicle.

Getting Tired

Your tires are the point of contact for the road. They control everything that your vehicle does. When they slip on ice, you can lose control of your vehicle and have an accident. Depending on the severity of winter in your area, you will at least want to have all-weather tires. For some, snow tires are the better choice. Remember, it is important to do only one thing at a time. If you are braking, do not turn. If you are turning, don’t accelerate. Drive slowly and you’ll have the best chance at avoiding the Japanese auto mechanic by avoiding accidents altogether.

Dead Battery

Icy roads aren’t the only problems your vehicle could face this winter. At the Japanese auto repair shop, many vehicles come in with dead batteries. Sometimes, the solution is as simple as installing a new battery. Batteries last between 3 to 5 years, and many people forget to check when they last bought a new one. Be sure to carry jumper cables so that you can have a friend help when your battery dies.

No Gas

When temperatures fluctuate, you could get condensation in your gas line. When the water forms and temps drop below freezing again, you could find that car just won’t go anymore. If ice blocking the fuel line is the problem, you may need to go to a shop that does expert Japanese car repair in Roswell, especially if you don’t have a place to warm your vehicle. Winter can be a great time to go out and enjoy some amazing views and sports. Make sure your vehicle is ready for the cold weather with a winterizing checkup at your favorite shop.