Tips to Maintaining Your Lexus Cooling System

Lexus produces some of the most well-manufactured and technologically sound vehicles on the road. Regular maintenance is the key to ensuring that your Lexus runs at top efficiency whenever you’re ready to travel.

One of the most important operating parts of your Lexus is the cooling system. When operating properly, the cooling system ensures that your engine works at peak performance. Ignoring regular cooling system maintenance, however, can cause long-term damage that will affect your engine’s operation.

The best way to ensure your Lexus cooling system operates efficiently is to make an appointment with an experienced technician of Lexus repair and service in Roswell. In between appointments, here are some tips to keeping the cooling system in your Lexus maintained.

How It Works

A car’s engine generates a significant amount of heat during the course of normal operation. The spark plugs ignite the fuel in each cylinder, producing thousands of controlled explosions a minute inside the engine and creating heat that can damage an engine unless it’s cooled.

The cooling system of your Lexus, like it does in most vehicles, works by sending liquid coolant through passages in the engine block and the cylinder heads. As the coolant flows, it picks up heat from the engine. The heated fluid makes its way through a hose to the radiator, where the hot liquid is cooled by the air stream from the engine compartment in front of the car. The coolant is returned to the engine to absorb more heat.

Change Regularly

A properly operating coolant system in your Lexus prevents deposits and corrosion from clogging up the system and the coolant lines and hoses from deteriorating. Over time and many miles, the coolant in your Lexus will require changing.

Mechanics often recommend flushing out your car’s coolant system every 40,000 to 50,000 miles, although this can vary depending on the Lexus model you drive. An expert in Lexus service in Roswell can tell you when you should schedule your vehicle for a coolant system flush and advise on using factory recommended replacement fluids.

Be Observant

You can do your part as a Lexus owner by following the service maintenance schedule to replace the coolant regularly. If your Lexus is equipped with a sensor that detects low coolant levels, keep an eye on it. Should it come on, arrange an appointment with a professional specializing in Lexus repair and service in Roswell to check out the cooling system problem.