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Tire Service: What You Should Know

Tire serviceIn many ways, your tires are like your teeth. Treat them well and they will treat you well. Neglect them and they will pay you back in kind. In fact, a major and oft-overlooked aspect of car maintenance in Roswell is taking care of your tires, whether they are on your car or in storage. To make sure your tires are there for you when you need them, follow this advice.

Avoid Open Air and Direct Sunlight

Both open air and direct sunlight dry tires and make them both weak and brittle. Exposed to either, the overall life of the tire can be compromised. If the exposure is extreme, the tires can become compromised to the point of becoming dangerous. If you cannot think of an environment that does not have this type of exposure, your Lexus service in Roswell can provide alternatives.

Avoid Excessive Exposure to Ozone

Another risk in storing tires where they are exposed to direct air is Ozone exposure. Ozone can lead to chemical reactions in rubber that break down the molecular structure of the tire. Eventually, dry rot and cracking, as well as a compromised product, will form. When that happens, the tire rubber becomes fragile, faded and loses a lot of its strength; one artificial source of Ozone that can be avoided are compressors and electric generators.

Avoid Solvents, Fluids, and Lubricants

All three should never come in contact with tires if it can be helped. All three kick off a process where the rubber in a tire becomes compromised and begins to degrade. Left unbridled, that can lead to tires that are weak and have areas of fragility that can give way when placed under extreme pressure (like the heat from a sudden braking. This includes, by the way, tire-shine, which has both petrochemicals and silicone; both have been shown to help break down tire rubber, leading to an unsafe and unreliable tire.

Skip the Excessive Washing

Cleaners associated with most car and tire washes have chemicals that loosen, emulsify and erode protectants that help preserve the tire. An occasional wash with chemicals is ok, but doing it frequently will leave your tires more vulnerable.

Store in a Stable Environment

Avoiding temperature extremes is also very important when storing tires. Extreme heat and cold, particularly if the temperature fluctuates wildly, can lead to tires whose chemical makeup is compromised. This can weaken tires and make them less dependable.

Use Them or Lose Them

Idle tires become prone to weaken, rot and lose air. Use your tires regularly, but not excessively to make sure they maintain the best condition possible.

Tire storage is a big deal if you want to extend the life of your tires or avoid them becoming susceptible to damage early. Just like when you get your regular Lexus maintenance in Roswell done, tires need a consistent plan that shields them from damaging chemicals and environments.

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