What Do Different Car Indicators on the Dashboard Mean?


There are few things scarier then driving around and seeing a warning light on your dashboard. You almost never see your problem explained, just a vague image that can hardly be considered a description of your problem. It can cause even the most confident driver to become ridden with anxiety. Fortunately, thanks to OBD-II readers, it can be easier to figure out the computer codes behind your warning lights. Here are three of the most common warning lights and what they usually mean.

Check Engine

The most common, vague, and intimidating warning that there is. It can cover faults in just about any part of your powertrain, and without a code reader, you have no way of knowing the problem. The light has been known to be triggered by things as simple as a loose gas cap. Most commonly, the light is triggered by a malfunctioning O2 sensor, which can hurt fuel economy if not fixed. Take your car to your mechanic for a reading, or buy a reader of your own.

Low Oil Pressure

If you see a light that looks like a gravy boat, do not ignore. It can either mean your car has low oil levels, or worse, low oil pressure. You need to pull over immediately, and check your oil levels, potentially topping up if needed. It’s likely that you have an oil leak, or even a loss of pressure in the system. Go to your mechanic as soon as possible to fix this and avoid seizing your engine.

Maintenance Light

This is one of the simpler lights you can encounter. It may take many different names, but it essentially means that it is time for you to change your oil or perform other routine maintenance. Your mechanic will be able to look up your cars maintenance schedule, and see if there are any necessary repairs or part replacements. This light is not as urgent as some other lights, but don’t let it lapse, or the long-term health of your engine will suffer.

Dashboard warning lights may be scary, but with a little research, the fear can be subsided. Making sure to work with a good mechanic, skilled at Japanese auto repair near me in Roswell will allow you to sleep soundly, knowing that your car is in good hands.