Why You Should Choose an ASE Certified Auto Technician

If you’ve been looking for a good auto shop in Roswell, you may have wondered what an ASE certified technician is and if it really even matters. Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult to find a reliable mechanic that’s not ASE certified. Here’s why it’s important for you to choose a certified technician when looking for someone to complete Japanese auto repair in Roswell.

What’s ASE?

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is a non-profit program that ensures automotive professionals are competent in major technical areas of automotive repair. The ASE program is accepted throughout the country an industry standard for mechanic knowledge, and ASE certified professionals can be found in any reputable dealership, parts store, or repair garage. You can only become an ASE certified technician by passing important tests.

Certification Tests

Certification tests are given twice a year at hundreds of locations around the country. Not only do technicians have to pass at least one of the exams, but they must also complete a two-year work experience requirement in order to become ASE certified. The tests cover areas of repair like engine performance, brakes, heating and air conditioning, electrical systems, automatic transmissions, manual drive train, and suspension and steering. There are additional exams for more specialized areas of auto repair as well.

Importance of Certification

Individual technicians are motivated to become ASE certified because they know it makes them more valuable to a potential employer and customer. Repair facilities want to hire ASE certified technicians because they’ve proven their competence in the work place and on the exams. This is important to car owners as well because they know their vehicle is in good hands when trusting an ASE certified technician with their car. Technicians must be re-tested every 5 years to remain certified, so you can be sure they know even the most up-to-date information in vehicle repair.

Choosing an ASE Certified Technician

When choosing a repair shop, be aware that a shop can display the ASE sign with only one certified technician. An ASE Blue Seal of Excellence recognition indicates at least 75% of the personnel are certified. If your vehicle requires specialized repair work, look for a technician who is ASE certified in that specific area.