Learn the Difference between Wheel Alignments and Rotations

Tire rotationIf you’re new to the world of car ownership, you might not be aware of what some of the maintenance and repair services on your cars are or why they’re necessary. Some services are required in order to keep your vehicle in top conditions, while others are only needed if something has already gone wrong.

One example of this difference is found in a tire rotation versus a wheel alignment. If you’ve looked at the owner’s manual of your vehicle, you might notice that it recommends a tire rotation every few thousand miles. Meanwhile, a wheel alignment won’t show up in your manufacturer’s schedule at all. That’s because a tire rotation is a significant part of maintenance, while a wheel alignment only comes into play to correct a problem with your car. Basically, if a wheel alignment is needed, it’s going to take a couple hours of quality Toyota repair in Roswell to get the problem fixed.

What Is a Tire Rotation?

A tire rotation is simply a swapping of the tires between the front of the vehicle and the back. In two-wheel drive vehicles, your car’s front tires take the brunt of the wear because they’re the ones taking all of the pressure from steering every time your car changes direction. If they’re not rotated every few thousand miles, they’ll eventually start to wear down much faster than the rear tires will, and you’ll have to replace two tires early.

The same is true for four-wheel drive, because the majority of a car’s weight is in the front. Even though the wheels drive independently, Toyota maintenance in Roswell still recommends a rotation because that weight up front still wears down your tires.

By contrast, a wheel alignment occurs when your car’s wheels have been knocked out of alignment from hitting a pothole or curb. If that occurs, your car might find itself favoring one side over the other when you steer, which can not only cause your tires to wear down, but it can make your vehicle far more dangerous when driving. However, if you haven’t hit anything with your wheels, you’re never going to need an alignment.

By driving safely and keeping yourself in your lane, you’ll minimize your risk of needing an alignment. However, if you do find yourself needing an alignment, Toyota repair in Roswell is an easy thing to have done. If you take care of maintenance regularly and repairs when necessary, your vehicle will serve you well for years to come!