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Signs Your Car Needs to Be Repaired

Front side view of black luxury sedan in turn.It’s important to maintain your vehicle by regularly changing the oil, rotating and balancing the tires, having a tune up, and following recommended maintenance schedules for brakes, transmission, and other car systems. Unfortunately, it’s easy to overlook some of this, which means you may begin to notice problems with your car, whether large or small. These signs indicate that you should have your car checked at a mechanic shop in Roswell as soon as possible.

Dashboard Warning Lights

A good sign that some sort of car repair is necessary is warning lights on the dashboard. Unfortunately, the engine light could mean that one of a hundred problems has occurred, so it’s difficult to know if this is a major or minor problem. That’s why it’s important to have a good mechanic check it out as soon as possible. This is more important if the light begins to flash. When you see a warning light of any kind on the dashboard, consult the owner’s manual to find a possible cause and then seek professional help. Engine malfunction warning light contro

Strange Sounds or Smells

You may notice strange sounds or smells either gradually or suddenly, but either way is cause for concern. These may include a smoky or burning smell, squealing brakes, dragging sounds from the wheels, grinding, or thumping sounds. Any of these signs indicate a problem. In addition to unusual sounds or smells, look for unusual visual indications like smoke under the hood, excessive exhaust, or a rising temperature gauge.

Signs of Transmission Trouble

Transmission problems may manifest themselves in many ways. Rough shifting, delayed shifting, burning smells, or a revving engine before movement when shifting may all indicate that something is wrong with the transmission. Any sign of transmission trouble should be checked out right away because ignoring a transmission problem can cause it to fail and need replacing, which is a very expensive part to replace.

Leaking Fluids

Pay attention to the areas that you normally park your car so that you notice any leaks. Dripping water during the summer months is normal because it happens when the air conditioner is in use. However, leaking transmission fluid (red), coolant (green), or leaking engine or brake fluid indicates a problem.

Engine Changes

Sometimes it may just feel like the engine is working harder than usual. You may notice that the engine is either racing, chugging, or shaking. This may not necessarily mean that a repair is necessary, but that the engine simply needs a tune-up, so it’s a good idea to have a mechanic look at it to make sure there aren’t additional services needed.